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Different Types of Car Models

Different Types of Car Models

Different Types of Car Modelsthumbnailt

Different Types of Car Models
Muscle cars and other classic automobiles are usually reserved these days for Sunday drives or car shows. Yet, many of today's car manufacturers are going back for designs in the days when cars were not judged by how many miles they managed per gallon, but how fast they were and how cool they looked. Other car companies are trying a totally new look---especially in regards to the 2010 car models from some of the major car companies.
  1. Ford Motor Company

    • The 1969 Mach 1
      The new 2010 Mustang exhibits a return to the enduring styles of the 1960s. Many who have already driven the car compare it with the 1969 Mustang. Indeed, the 1969 Mach 1 Mustang has the four-light grille in front and is similar in contour to the new 2010 Mustang. In fact, if you compare today's Mustang with most of the those of the past, you'll find that the basic body lines of the car have remain quite similar in style and design. One major difference is the Mustang of today is high-tech with a real-time traffic indicator on an 8-inch screen. The driver also has the capability of changing the color of the dash lights.


    • The timeless Chevrolet Corvette will come in about six different styles in 2010, and the basic two-door coupe will get about 26 mpg. The 2010 Corvette has a six-speed manual transmission. The Z16 Grand Sport, one of the six styles, is reminiscent of the 1966 Corvette Sting Ray Coupe.


    • The 2010 LaCrosse from Buick combines luxury with sport. It comes with a V6 engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. The LaCrosse has its own style, and, as a four-door sedan, it is modern and sleek. It averages about 27 mpg on the highway.


    • The 2010 Sebring Limited Sedan is elegant in style and functional as well. It gets about 30 mpg on the highway. Crash tests have proven it to be one of the safest cars on the road. You can get it with either a four-cylinder engine or a V6. The V6 gets about 26 mpg.


    • Leave it to Dodge to continue the muscle car tradition. The 2010 Challenger is stockier than its streamlined 1970 ancestor, but it still has a sleek and classy contour. It's available with a V6 or a V8 engine. The V8 comes with either a six-speed manual transmission or a five-speed automatic.


    • Prompted by the rise in gas prices in recent years, there has been the formation and development of the crossover, a cross between a car and an SUV. People who like full-size SUVs, such as the Chevy Suburban, but who don't like the poor gas mileage, prompted the invention of the crossover vehicle. The crossovers are smaller in size than SUVs, but larger than cars. Crossovers have the advantage, also, of getting better gas mileage than SUVs. The 2010 SRX is Cadillac's version of the crossover. As a luxury vehicle, it comes with a Bose sound system and is capable of supporting two screens in the back for DVD players, which is ideal for traveling with children. Equipped with a V6 engine, the vehicle gets an estimated 25 mpg on the highway.


    • Photo by : Ananlou Miranda
      These are but just a few of the many 2010 cars that will be available toward the end of 2009. In addition, General Motors Corporation, which includes Chevrolet and Pontiac, will be offering trucks and hybrids. The hybrids use a combination of gas and electric systems and are capable of reaching over 40 mpg. Ford also has hybrids.
      In addition to American cars, the foreign car industry is in full swing. Toyota helped set the pace for the hybrid with its Prius. Honda's 2010 Insight is similar in style. Lexus makes the RX 450h.
      Whether you want a muscle car, a sports car, a luxury car, a crossover or a hybrid, you can find it on the automobile market today. If your passion is classic cars, you can find them, too. There are dealerships that sell nothing but older cars. You can also find them at car shows and on the Internet. For those of you who like the newer models, there are many incentives and rebates available when you buy a new car. Check with whatever dealership you buy your car from. In addition, the federal and some state governments offer rebates available if you purchase a hybrid.

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